At Military Grade CBD, our priority is delivering top quality CBD to ensure it provides the best possible relief.  Therefore, we not only have it tested at the farm, we have it tested a second time to ensure it meets Military Grade CBD’s exact specifications. Below is a listing of our products.Locate your item, which also shows batch number and date of testing, to see the respective Certificate of Analysis.  If you have any questions, please email
batch number Product date Link
1-123-4-20-O 500mg CBD tincture (orange) - Isolate 09/03/2020 View
1-123-4-20-P 500mg CBD tincture (Peppermint) - Isolate 09/03/2020 View
3-145-4-20 1500mg CBD tincture (Peppermint) - Broad Spectrum 09/03/2020 View
1-500-9-20 2500mg CBD tincture (Peppermint) - Full Spectrum 10/13/2020 View
6-101-4-20 750mg CBD Capsules - Isolate 09/03/2020 View
4-102-3-20 1500mg CBD Gelcaps - Full Spectrum 09/03/2020 View