...Serving veterans
Military Grade CBD is dedicated to giving back to our Veterans who have served our country, and more specifically, improving their daily well-being. This is the base of our culture, which we take pride knowing our products are Made In USA. Our President and Founder, Dale Sutcliffe is a Marine Veteran, and always seek Veterans to fill open positions whenever possible.
Quality products & helpful resources
Our primary goal is to provide not only healthy, natural CBD products, but also useful information, educational tips and other resources to help our Vets to improve their daily lives. And rest assured, all products need to meet our rigorous demands for quality, including 3rd party lab testing, for it to be Military Grade.

No greater cause
And just as important…we donate 10% of all revenue to VA organizations around the country. Whether it be our CBD products or monetary donations, we will always give back. We take pride knowing that we support our military brothers and sisters.
Exclusive savings
No more $100+ CBD bottles. Military Grade CBD was created knowing that we already had an audience that truly needed this product – veterans, and specifically, members of Vetfriends. Marketing costs for CBD can range as high as 30-40% of costs. Removing this and passing it onto our members is why our products are priced so…right. so important
Pill addiction is all-too real among Veterans. It’s the go-to drug to make whatever ails you go away. But there is a new way. A natural way. CBD can help you achieve your wellness goals and stop taking those addictive pills. Pills that hold you back.
I was on pain medication for 6 years, then finally decided it was enough. Since I’ve been on CBD, I’ve never felt better…or free. Free of waiting till that next pill. M. Hammond, Ocean City MD